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Asilium Project is a strategy & management game integrated with blockchain & NFT technologies, set post-Noah's Flood. Players rebuild the world, collect unique NFT assets, manage resources, and make crucial decisions. The in-game economy provides real-world value, offering players financial opportunities alongside immersive gameplay. The Asilium token further enhances this ecosystem, fostering a community-centric, value-driven gaming experience.

NFTs and Asilium tokens represent digital assets with real-world value, earned or purchased within the game. They play a crucial role in the game’s economy, offering financial opportunities to players.

Players can acquire lands within the Asilium universe using tokens or through in-game marketplace transactions.

The economy in Asilium is based on the balance of supply and demand. Activities like mining, refinery operations, trading, and others keep the economy vibrant and engaging.

The Asilium map is divided into Safe Zones for daily activities and construction, and Unsafe Zones for survival challenges and unique resource gathering.

Players can select and complete missions from a quest board or undertake challenges in Unsafe Zones to earn rewards.

Governance decisions in Asilium are made through a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), with player participation. Details on voting rights and the participation process are explained here.

Players can establish businesses like refineries, renewable energy plants, hotels, etc., on their land, contributing to the Asilium economy.

Asilium offers various multiplayer modes that enable players to collaborate on missions, participate in events, and engage socially within the game.

A beginner’s guide for new players on downloading the game, creating a character, and taking the first steps into the Asilium universe.