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Build your business. Buy new businesses.
Pay your taxes regularly.
Choose the
Invest in new business lines. Double your earnings.

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Est. Factory;
on Land

All enterprises and factory
build on land
Earn Monhtly, Yearly Everytime
exchange majors money
updated every moment

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Oil Industry, Food Industry, Health,  Etc.

Establish, Sell
Buy, Growth

Supplychain systems

Laboratory Research, manage...

  • Steel & Iron 
    Trade Business

  • Nuclear Plant 
    Sell Energy

  • Renewable   

* This function is applied exclusively to Asilium only.


We use hashtag all  social media platforms with community member and potantial members.

  • Communication with blockchain wallet

    Easy to understand and
    Est, New Company

  • Human friendly game

    Build growth

  • Getting on Asilium™

    Asilium Corporation 
    Asilium Marketplace

Renewable or Nuclear

Based on ASILIUM Open World Game 
-the world’s first more connectivity
Web2 and Web3 Game and Community Platform 
and Decentralize Area New Corporate Design

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New Company  
on Asilium

Establish new on Asilium
Wait for Asilium Universe Growth
Start Trade and Missions